Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming / Overview

LT Players offers fantasy golf contests exclusively for LynksIn Golf Club members.LT Players fantasy contests is designed to provide fun and interaction for Lynksin Golf Club members on and off the golf course. At anytime you feel your play in fantasy golf contests becomes stressful and or addictive causing adverse behavior, we encourage you to self exclude yourself in playing future contest.

Click here to submit a request for self-exclusion.

Self-exclusion: Self-exclusion is a voluntary restriction on the ability to play Lynksin Fantasy Golf contests. The self-exclusion length is variable but is a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days, and includes a lifetime-exclusion option.

Timeouts: Players have the option to set time limits for timeout breaks. Timeouts are requested stops in contest play that last from one (1) day to less than thirty (30) consecutive days.


LynksIn Fantasy Golf limits monthly deposits of $1,000 per registered player.


We have taken precautions to ensure a safe and fair environment for on line fantasy gaming. We offer tools and resources to help support healthier gaming behavior.


Compulsive play includes uncontrollable urges, which, if left unchecked, could result in financial hardship. Once detected, compulsive play can be successfully treated. The key is early detection in order to avoid negative consequences. We have taken precautions as a club in limiting monthly deposits to assist in offsetting such behavior. If you feel you have a compulsive-play problem, we urge you to seek assistance.

Compulsive-play warning signs may include:

Playing more in order to recoup or chase previous losses.
Repeated inability to stop or control participating.
Borrowing money to participate or to pay off previous losses.
Neglecting one’s family or oneself due to excessive play.

If you or someone you know is or may be experiencing a compulsive-play problem, it is important to remember that assistance, intervention, and resources are available.


In addition, you may also visit the ICRG website or call the ICRG directly at 978-388-6610.

Concerned About a Family Member?

If you believe that a minor is improperly using Lynksin Fantasy Golf please contact us directly at

Parental Controls

If there are children under 18 who have access to your computer, you may want to consider installing parental control software to prevent access to online gaming site and other material, such as: